This was my first PES seminar experience. PES provided a diverse range of topics with an international component along with speakers with diverse backgrounds and locales. This provided both an informative and interesting way of looking at different aspects of healthcare. It was great meeting new colleagues involved in healthcare. Bill and Joann were excellent hosts which really enhanced the experience and had a positive impact for the entire group! I look forward to an opportunity for another cruise with AMA and PES trip!
T. Fong, DDS
Golden Valley, MN / Tulip Time River Cruise on AMA Waterways – April 2017
We have not had many guests from overseas at our hospital in Kochi. I just wanted to let the employees of the facility taste a bit of a “flat world.” (Foreign countries are much closer than people in Kochi think they are). I believe your visit had an impact on us in a good sense. The TV and newspaper coverage also helped to make this a very special event for everyone!
Dr. Masaaki Hamaguchi
Presenter / Nagahama Hospital, PES group visit August 2016 - Kochi, Japan
We would like to send our sincere appreciation for the PES Circle Japan seminar. We enjoyed very much the company, the great program, and the cruise. Many thanks to PES for creating a professional and a very successful seminar over the sea. We look forward to participating again!
Tami & Baruch Itzhak, MD
Haifa, Israel
It was so nice to get to know you during our wonderful Circle Japan cruise! Thank you for being so thorough and thoughtful throughout the whole trip. We are definitely going to travel with you again in the future, and we'll also tell all of our dental friends about PES. What fond memories we have!
Dr. Julia German
DMD / Gainsville, FL
The Crystal Cruise voyage of February 24 to March 8, 2015, was nothing short of magical. The ship had been refurbished to look new, the entertainment was better than shows in Las Vegas and the itinerary, Singapore to Myanmar, was very special. Singapore is modern, efficient and full of quality sight seeing adventures. Myanmar is exciting as it is opening up to the outside world. The seminars were timely and enlightening. The PES staff were attentive and the group never wanted to end socializing. What a great trip!
James McCray
DDS, MAGD, MBA / Tiburon, CA
PES officially stands for Professional Education Society, but personally, we view what they offer as Phenomenal, Extraordinary, and Sensational! Traveling with PES is like being part of a fun and unique family. Our recent Eastern Europe riverboat cruise and Istanbul land tour was our third PES trip. Accommodations are always first-class, and the medical-dental seminars are educational and stimulating. The balance of the educational seminars is just right to ensure lots of learning along with plenty of time for relaxing fun and entertainment. We highly recommend PES trips for health professionals in particular, and we look forward to bringing along some family members on future trips.
Dr. Richard Vest Jr.
DDS and Janet Vest / Odenville, AL
Over the past weeks friends and patients are asking about our Cuba trip. Lois and I have both come to the conclusion that it was the best trip we’ve ever done. The Caribbean is nothing new to us , but the people, history, culture, and future of Cuba was almost overwhelming.You and your group delivered what was promised and that’s all one can ask. The medical part of the trip was great and the cultural part greater. Thank you for all your help.
Tom and Lois Allum
Rogers City, MI​
When I joined the group traveling to Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands, I was surprised to find out that some of the passengers had gone to places with the Professional Education Society (PES) before because I had never heard of them. After having returned from my trip, I now understand why they get repeat business. For Continuing Education (CE) credits, there were great lectures and visits. Culturally, there was something for everyone. The accommodations and food were top notch. If you want to feel safe, and have fun with like-minded people, this is a way to check your dream vacation(s) off of your bucket list!
Karen Carswell-Lacis
RN / Palo Alto, CA
I was very pleased with everything about the trip. The accommodations were not only of excellent quality with plenty of amenities, but they were beautiful as well. The food at the hotel, the hacienda, and the ship was delicious and the variety of food was impressive as well. The trip coordination was extremely well organized which helped keep the group on schedule and yet with flexibility to enjoy the sites we visited. I felt safe and well taken care of at all times. Even before the trip started, they took care of all the questions and the information you provided for packing prior to the trip was very helpful. I appreciated the fact that you are very easy going people to travel with and I had a wonderful time while learning a thing or two about the medical care in other countries.
Dr. Ramon Aguirre
DDS, MS / Plymouth, MN
What I found so tremendous was the ability of the PES staff to overcome any possible unforeseen difficulty without extra fuss or complaints. We had a marvelous time on the PES Ecuador and Galapagos Program --- the hospitality quite excellent in terms of haciendas, hotels, and the boat, plus a small enough group to get to know each other. Arrangements were excellent and without hitch. We are delighted we went and would go again happily!!
Dr. James Haight
MD, PhD, FRCSC, and Linda Haight / Toronto, Canada
We loved our trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos. PES answered our questions promptly when making our reservation. Our trip, the accommodations, restaurants, tour guides, itinerary and professional visits were EXCELLENT. We appreciated your attention to detail and making each one of us feel special. We will definitely plan on another trip with PES and hopefully see some of the friends we made this time.
Dr. Victor Cuccia
DDS and Didi Cuccia / Palm Desert, CA
"Ever since my first trip with the Professional Education Society back in 2002, my wife and I were hooked. Exotic travel places like India, Africa and Peru, meeting great new friends, all while being educated at the same time. The accommodations are always first class and I like the fact that we get involved with the local customs and culture. There is no better organization than PES for doctors, like myself and other healthcare professionals to experience international travel, while obtaining CME credits."
Christopher Costanzo
MD, FACS Plastic Surgeon / Thousand Oaks, California